Chamber Music Summer Camp

Due to the ongoing CoVid-19 closures and social distancing requirements, and the uncertainty of how long these will need to remain in place, planning for our 31st Season is somewhat fluid at this time. Nevertheless, in the spirit of optimism, we have set our schedule, and our program, for the Season. Tentative dates for Gabriel Youth Orchestra have also been set. Please visit the various pages for additional details.

Note: The Bear Crossing Chamber Music Summer Camp is privately owned and administered by Simon and Agnès Maurer. It is advertised here with permission.

Chamber Music Summer Camp

Bear Crossing
[ $375 per person. All ages. ]

Bear Crossing Chamber Music Summer Camp is for people of all ages who enjoy making music and learning the skills of playing with others. The camp offers:

Lunch is served!
  • Daily Technique class
  • Daily Cello Ensemble
  • Daily Performing Class
  • Lots of Games
  • Student Concert Friday
  • Homemade lunches prepared daily by Chef Agnès Maurer.

New in 2020:
We are forming non performing groups for individuals who prefer sharing their music in coached sessions only. Please select option on application form.


Final concert Friday, June 26, 5pm.

$175 deposit required by 4/15/20, balance by 6/1/20.

Call 570-640-9285, or email for more information.

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