Gabriel Chamber Ensemble

Gerall Hieser

photo of Gerall Hieser

As the cellist, I take my job very seriously, doing what I can to hold up the group. It's amazing to discover what each composer wants the cello to do - bass line, harmony to the violin or viola, inner voice or melody. My favorite is rhythm - I should have been a drummer! 

Playing with Gabriel has been a joy, a learning experience and above all, a magnificent and spiritual musical journey.  With similarities to a marriage (to more than one spouse!), it requires much work, mostly well resolved.

I am grateful to have studied with Orlando Cole, Mehta Watts and Paul Tobias, all terrific teachers. As a child I studied music and rhythm with my Mom, who had my sister and me singing and marching around with pot lids banging in time to the music. Teaching cello students is a passion and learning new teaching techniques and ideas is a priority.

My other musical passion, of course, is playing! Chamber music first, then traditional music and jazz improvisation.

Collaborating with other fine musicians makes me very happy, and I can't think of anything else I'd rather do in this life!

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