About Us

Due to the ongoing CoVid-19 closures and social distancing requirements, and the uncertainty of how long these will need to remain in place, planning for our 31st Season is somewhat fluid at this time. Nevertheless, in the spirit of optimism, we have set our schedule, and our program, for the Season. Tentative dates for Gabriel Youth Orchestra have also been set. Please visit the various pages for additional details.

The mission of the Gabriel Chamber Ensemble is to nurture our diverse community with music that enlivens, enriches, and educates.

About Us

The Gabriel Chamber Ensemble,now celebrating its 30th season in Schuylkill County, is a Non-Profit Organization, dedicated to present high quality performances of chamber music repertoire. Professional guest artists are frequently invited to join the Ensemble in order to offer a wide selection of chamber music masterpieces. GCE delights its audiences with its informative and fun presentations, its quality of performance, and its informality. All concerts are followed by a reception in the lobby, where the audience can meet the GCE members and discuss the evening.

The GCE has been successfully received in Maryland, New Jersey, Vermont, and Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition to its artistic achievements, GCE has initiated community and educational outreach programs to develop chamber music audiences and the musicians of the future. And to further its mission, the Ensemble created the Gabriel Youth Orchestra to provide an opportunity for middle and high school students from throughout the region to play in a professionally managed and conducted setting.

The Board

  • Mary Emma Dean, President
  • Marria Walsh, Vice President
  • Agnès Maurer, Executive Director
  • Nancy Taras, Secretary
  • Judy Terwilliger, Treasurer


Simon Maurer

photo of Simon Maurer

Simon Maurer grew up in Switzerland in a family of six children, all of whom became professional musicians. He studied violin at the Conservatory in Biel, and continued his studies in the U.S. with Geoffrey Michaels, Joyce Robbins and Claire Hodgkins.


Agnès Maurer

photo of Agnes Maurer

Agnès Maurer is a native of France, where she studied the violin privately, and at the age of sixteen, she joined the Ensemble Instrumental Andrée Colson, a professional chamber orchestra.


Gerall Hieser

photo of Gerall Hieser

Gerall Hieser began her musical education in Virginia singing harmony with her mother, also a cellist. After moving to Pennsylvania she continued piano but fell in love with the cello.